Strategies For Performance

If you’re serious about taking your athletic career to the next level

AND committed to working step-by-step to live up to your potential,

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"I wish there was a magic pill for being successful..."


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I have often thought those words throughout my career.  If you are an athlete and a human, then you probably struggle with -

  • self-doubt
  • focusing on things outside of your control
  • lack of structure in your routines and habits
  • lack of a clearly articulated process

I was determined to find a better approach for the athletes I coached during my coaching career.  I revisited the theories presented in my sports psychology classes.  One thing to be wary of is those that preach the theory, but haven't applied it.  I applied the theories through my own trial and error. 

Maybe you have spent a few sleepless nights wondering, staring at the ceiling trying to figure out how to gain that slight edge in your athletic career.

Now you can get a few of the strategies that I use with my Olympic, professional, college, and high school athletes.  I know they work and want you to have them.

About Your Guide:

Ed Padalecki, often called Coach P., is a mental performance coach taking his experience coaching Olympic athletes, NFL players, D1 NCAA student athletes in golf, baseball, football, track & field and bringing it to you.

He believes that little things done consistently over time breeds success.

Training the mind isn’t a magic pill that will win you championship after championship on the field, but will allow you to release the greatness within you.

Championships and trophies don't happen by accident. They happen by intent.

Whether it is with athletes or high performers in business, Ed uses a systematic approach to the mental side of performance.

Coach P uses his two decades of being in the trenches working on the applied side of peak performance to partner with both athletes and corporate warriors.

His core philosophy on peak performance is this:

If we say that how we perform is 90% mental and 10% physical, how are you training the 90?

It requires creating awareness, having and executing your plan.

When he’s not working with clients, you can find him traveling, spending time with his family, working out,  or challenging himself in some new way.