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Learn the strategies of high-level performers.

My goal as a consultant is to equip and inspire you, your team, or business with practical actionable steps for peak performance.

If you’re serious about taking your athletic or business career to the next level AND committed to working step-by-step to live up to your potential then let's work together.

"I wish there was a magic pill for being successful..."


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As both a mental performance coach and head of leadership development of an international company, I understand the importantance of having strategies in place to excel when  the "on-field" talent level is the same.

I’ve consulted with high-level athletes and business professionals in order to give them the best chance of success.

Strategies that we will focus on:

  • Cultivating Your Fundamentals
  • Creating a Mindset of Excellence
  • Training Focus and Awareness
  • Implementing Routines and Habits
  • Creating your Metrics

Have you ever felt this way?

Maybe you’ve even spent a few sleepless nights wondering, staring off in the distance trying to figure out how to gain that slight edge for your next competition.


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My Promise To You....

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You can expect the following from me:

 100% preparation, passion, and energy working with me

Actionable strategies tailored to you to achieve at a high-level

A Few Things We'll Cover: 

  • How to create the mindset necessary to compete at an elite level
  • How to find consistent time, energy, and focus to get the most out of your fitness athlete career
  • How to see your performance before it actually happens
  • How to stay the course if your motivation wavers
  • How to create the routines and habits necessary to perform at your best when it means the most.

The old adage says, "the game is 90% mental and 10% physical", but yet we neglect the 90...

When is this going to change, and what will be the reason for you to do something different?

When the talent level is the same. The separator is who is better at their mental game.

If you are wanting more out of their athletic or business career, the choice is yours. Your competitors have the same choice.

Friend, one of the GREATEST opportunities out there is to master the mental side of performance.

I've done the uncovering. It's up to you to do the implementing.

Let's Level Up Your Performance...

  • I've coached numerous elite-level athletes at all levels
  • I've recorded over 200 videos pertaining to the mental game and leadership development.
  • I've won a few coaching awards
  • I've been able to meet amazing people doing work I love…
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Daily Mind Brew

Now, I’m not going to insult your intelligence. This isn't a magic pill. It doesn't happen overnight. Getting to my “dream life” was harder than I thought it would be, and there was a lot of time spent in the trenches along the way.

BUT –– there were a lot of strategies uncovered along the way. I was intentional about my process. I was crystal clear with myself on my mission, values, and principles.

About Your Guide:

Ed Padalecki, often called Coach P., is a mental performance coach is taking his experience coaching Olympic athletes, NFL players, competitive dance, D1 NCAA student athletes in golf, baseball, football, track & field and bringing it to you.

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The little things done consistently over time breeds success.

Training the mind isn’t a magic pill that will win you championship after championship on your playing field, but will allow you to release the greatness within you.

Championships and trophies don't happen by accident. They happen by intent.

Whether it is with athletes or high performers in business, Ed uses a systematic approach to the mental side of performance.

Coach P uses his two decades of being in the trenches working on the applied side of peak performance to partner with both athletes and business professionals.

His core philosophy on peak performance is this:

If we say that how we perform is 90% mental and 10% physical, how are you training the 90?

It requires creating awareness, having and executing your plan.

When he’s not working with clients, you can find him traveling, spending time with his family, sipping a tasty adult beverage, or teaching everything he knows about peak performance, through his Daily Mind Brew Series.

If you’re serious about taking your athletic or business career to the next level, and committed to working a step-by-step program to give yourself the best chance for success then have that conversation.